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Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Marshall, Minnesota 


A birder called me to ask, "Where should I go birding in Lyon County? I've only got four hours."Initially, I'm jealous - four hours is a lot of birding time to a parent of a young, growing family. But, setting aside my envy, the answer comes quickly. "The Camden State Park/Black Rush Lake area". With its extreme habitat diversity this is the place to start a quick birding adventure in Lyon County.

The riparian woodland cutting through the remnant prairie landscape offers opportunity for birders to view both prairie, and woodland species. Extensive efforts to reclaim the prairie to a more native form have added to the richness of the prairie landscape. Gray Partridge, Northern Harrier, several sparrows (including Grasshopper Sparrow), and Upland Sandpiper nest here, while Short-eared Owl, Rough-legged Hawk, and a dozen sparrow species can be seen during migration. 

Parks for Bird Watching: 

Camden State Park

Garvin County Park

Victory Park

Twin Lakes Park

Black Rush Lake